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What is the Origin of the Criss+Cross Directory?

The term “Criss Cross” was coined prior to 1932 by W.L. Haines, founder of Haines & Company, Inc. It refers to a single cross-reference directory containing both addresses in sequence (arranged alphabetically by street within zip codes), and phone numbers in numeric order. The first directory was published in 1932. The words “Criss Cross” and […]

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Defining Your Target Market

The starting point for any targeted marketing plan is to define your target audience. To do this you must first understand your product. What is it that you provide? How can you help your customers reach their goals? What type of people or businesses can benefit from your product or service? Knowing exactly what you […]

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Businesses that Can Benefit from TargetNeighbors

There are many types of companies that can use the TargetNeighbors direct mail program to generate leads and boost revenue. Here are just a few examples: energy providers, funeral homes, healthcare companies, heating and cooling businesses, pest exterminators, home remodelers, insurance agents, landscapers, real estate professionals and roofers. The list goes on and on. TargetNeighbors […]

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What is the Haines Criss Cross Directory?

Autumn is just around the corner and summer is rapidly coming to an end.  It is time to dust off your marketing tools. The Haines Criss Cross Directory is just the solution that you have been looking for.  Haines Criss Cross has been partnering with businesses for over 80 years and provides a cost effective […]

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Want to Grow Your Business? Need More Customers? Want to Increase Revenue?

Easy answers – Yes, Yes and Yes.   Of course you do, every business owner and sales manager does.   There’s an easy way to target your best prospects and to manage your small to medium direct mail marketing programs right from your desktop!     TargetNeighbors No need to order thousands of mail pieces and spend a large […]

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Using Real Estate Data to Target Home Improvement Prospects

Real estate data, specifically building characteristics about a residential property, can effectively be used to target the most likely prospects for HVAC contractors, painters, window and siding installers, brick masons and general home remodelers. This information is provided in list form and online marketing products and can be used in direct mail and telemarketing campaigns. […]

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Attention Real Estate Agents: We’ve Come a Long Way Since the Criss+Cross Directory

Many real estate agents still recognize Haines & Company for our Criss+Cross Directory, known by some simply as the “big, blue book.” While times have changed since 1932 (the year the first Criss+Cross Directory was published), professionals nationwide still depend on the printed directory for invaluable research and sales. But did you know that Haines […]

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Answers for Information Quiz

The following quiz is intended for Roofers, Landscapers, Mortgage Agents, and Insurance Agents, as well as any other profession interested in outdoor information. Knowing information can help to targeting the right leads so that you can use your time most wisely. 1) How long does a typical roof last? 10-15 years 15-20 years 20-25 years 25-30 […]

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6 Ways to Get the Most from a Postcard Marketing Campaign

  I am a firm believer in digital marketing; however, a few tried-and-true methods sometimes get forgotten. Postcards are one of them.  They are experiencing a comeback as business owners re-discover their powerful ability to deliver results. Postcard marketing availability is now a simple, moderately priced sales tool thanks to websites that offer turnkey postcard […]

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