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Businesses that Can Benefit from TargetNeighbors

There are many types of companies that can use the TargetNeighbors direct mail program to generate leads and boost revenue. Here are just a few examples: energy providers, funeral homes, healthcare companies, heating and cooling businesses, pest exterminators, home remodelers, insurance agents, landscapers, real estate professionals and roofers. The list goes on and on.

TargetNeighbors will eliminate the time you spend in your office preparing and sending direct mail to prospects. Simply, a wide range of businesses find TargetNeighbors to be a more efficient way of utilizing their marketing dollars.  Most companies, whether big or small, can use TargetNeighbors to increase response rates and revenue. Best of all, this powerful web-to-print direct mail postcard marketing program is easy to learn and use.

One of TargetNeighbor’s advantages is the ability to pinpoint and mail to as few as 50 prospects, or an unlimited number of prospects as often as necessary with little investment in time and money. You have complete control of how many postcards you mail, what message you wish to convey, when the mailing occurs, and where you mail your targeted postcards. The TargetNeighbors team does the hands-on work for you. You can choose to mail to prospects around your customers, mail to a new area to introduce your company, or reach addresses around a current or recently completed jobsite.

Your postcards are custom-designed by our professional graphic design department, incorporating your brand identity, logo, best sales offer, and contact information to deliver maximum impact.  Grab your prospects’ attention with a strong offer they can’t refuse. Test different offers to create your ultimate mailing package. You can adjust your message and/or offer every time you mail.

TargetNeighbors is set up to make it simple to mail postcards to neighbors around your customers. You can do this using our radius search option. Or maybe you only want to mail postcards to neighbors on the same side of the street as your customer? For this level of precision prospect targeting, use our polygon search tool. This will eliminate unwanted prospects that a normal radius search would provide.

You can accomplish all this in four easy steps. See how it is done by clicking here:

Don’t hesitate. Let us help you get started growing your customer base and company revenue with TargetNeighbors.

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