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Unlike many direct mail providers, Haines and Company completes every phase of your direct mail campaign at one source. We manage your campaign from the initial consultation all the way through to lettershop processing and dropping at the post office.

Using state-of-the-art mailing equipment and employing lettershop professionals with years of experience, we make sure your pieces are produced correctly, mailed on time, and processed in a manner that provides you with all possible postal discounts.

Because our lettershop is housed in the same facility as our list, creative and print services, we provide our customers with an unrivaled level of quality control and accuracy.

Lettershop services include:

  • folding and nesting
  • affixing mailing labels
  • perforating
  • inserting
  • metering postage
  • tabbing
  • affixing stamps
  • die-cutting
  • automated pre-sorting
  • ink jet addressing
  • sorting
  • traying and dropping at post office

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