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Data Hygiene

Poorly maintained, out of date databases can cost your company in so many ways. Undeliverable addresses, returned mail, and duplicates can amount to thousands of dollars in lost revenue, wasted time, and wasted effort.

Worst of all, your mailing campaigns won’t get the level of response you expect – and that impacts your bottom line.

Does Database Hygiene Matter?

Take a look at the statistics. More than 43 million U.S. residents move each year. Now do the math. That’s a lot of potential customers who are not receiving your message.

Haines and Company’s data hygiene services mean cost savings and improved results for your direct mail campaigns. We can help you:

  • increase mailing deliverability
  • comply with state and federal guidelines
  • cut wasted postage
  • turn your lists into more efficient, effective, and powerful tools to generate revenue

Every data hygiene solution we provide – including adding new records, updating records, and removing dupes from an existing file – is customized to meet our client’s individual needs. We make sure your marketing investment with us works hard to achieve the best possible results.

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