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Haines V4i Property Database


Direct Marketing Right from Your Desktop — with Haines V4i

Are you an insurance agent, mortgage lender, real estate professional, or home improvement contractor?

Do you provide products and services to homeowners or renters? Haines V4i lets you target prime prospects with ease and precision.

Hundreds of Ways to Find for Your Best Prospects

V4i — our real estate Internet product — contains detailed property information about every residential and commercial property in your market.

Find updated owner, property, and financial information fast using any combination of 50+ criteria, such as:

  • owner name
  • year property was built
  • type of roof
  • type of exterior construction
  • basement type
  • building square footage
  • lot size
  • market value
  • mortgage amount
  • type of loan
  • sale price and date
  • x-date
  • and more

Includes Cell Phones and Email Addresses

We’ve added cell phone numbers and email addresses to our searchable database of residences and businesses. Now you have even more ways to reach your target audience.

Cell Phone Numbers Are:

  • Opt-in numbers
  • Gathered from dozens of sources
  • Not from individual cell phone companies
  • Only from primary owners
  • Appended with email addresses

Please Note: Making pre-recorded telemarketing calls to cell phone numbers is a federal offense that carries a fine of $16,000 per illegal automated call.

Email Addresses
30% of our emails now have opt-in emails. Be sure to abide by the CAN SPAM Act.

V4i is Entirely Cloud Based

Just go to our website, and enter your user name and password.

Entering Search Criteria and Finding Matching Records is a Breeze

With a few clicks, you can perform searches, export records, print labels, lists, postcards, and reports that enable you to market with ease and precision from your desktop.

Plus, unlimited live training through Haines University webinars.

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With Haines V4i, You Can:

  • Research any property in your market in seconds
  • Market to any property, street, neighborhood, school district, city, zip code, or subdivision
  • Market to prospects based on a radius around your business
  • Target homeowners, owner occupied homes, likely renters or specific types of businesses (based on SIC)
  • Print mailing labels, custom-size postcards, and envelopes customized with your logos and images
  • Perform comparable property searches and print comp reports
  • Find new homeowners based on properties with newly connected phones
  • Search for households based on first mortgage/and or second mortgage
  • Print telemarketing lists and maps showing property locations
  • Look up billing and usage info online
  • Display results using MapQuest
  • Easily export and upload records for use in other programs — including Target Neighbors
  • And much more

V4i also helps you comply with Federal Do Not Call laws. Do Not Call phone numbers are updated on a daily basis to aid in your compliance programs.

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Every Type of Business Can Benefit from V4i

Insurance Agents

Find households with expiring home insurance policies. Market to businesses based on SIC code and target recently moved homeowners.

Mortgage Lenders

Search for properties with first and/or second mortgages, print easy telemarketing lists, create custom-sized postcards, and more.

Home Improvement Contractors

Perform searches targeting homes based on year built, type of roof, type of heating, exterior construction, number of bathrooms, or market values of $150,000+.

  • Painters: mail only to homes with wood exterior.
  • Roofers: target only homes built 20 years ago with shingle roofs.
  • Landscapers: reach only homes with a certain lot square footage, or use the list to quote service estimates over the phone.

Real Estate Agents

View and print search results on MapQuest, the most detailed map available on the web. Multiple reports – including comparable property reports – can be printed at the same time.

Real Estate Investors

Search for all real estate investors at one time. Research properties and print faster with more display options.

And More:

  • Lawn Care Companies
  • Financial Planners
  • Home Security Firms
  • City Governments
  • Police Stations

Target Prime Prospects, Generate Sales, Save Money

Haines V4i is used by insurance agents, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, home improvement contractors, real estate investors, and more. Plus, V4i integrates easily with our print-on-demand product, Target Neighbors.

For a free, no-obligation demonstration, call 866-602-9117 or send us an email.