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Using Real Estate Data to Target Home Improvement Prospects

Real estate data, specifically building characteristics about a residential property, can effectively be used to target the most likely prospects for HVAC contractors, painters, window and siding installers, brick masons and general home remodelers. This information is provided in list form and online marketing products and can be used in direct mail and telemarketing campaigns.

This information typically comes from county assessor and county auditor databases and is used to help county government officials in determining the assessed value of a homeowner’s property.  This same information can help pinpoint those homeowners who might be in need of home improvement services.

The most commonly used piece of information is the year a home was built. Knowing the age of a home will help determine when a furnace or hot water heater may need replaced.  Knowing the year built will also help a roofing contractor identify likely prospects for a new roof.

Many other building characteristics can be used to target likely prospects. Identifying homes with basements can help basement waterproofing companies.  Knowing if the exterior construction is wood is beneficial to painters, just like knowing how many fireplaces a home has can help brick masons.  There are many other applications for using real estate data to target prospects.  The ones mentioned here are only a few.

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